4 Red Wines that Can Be Serve Chilled in Summer

 It is common knowledge that red wine is best drunk at room temperature instead of chilled. Also, you will rarely see people drinking it in summer, when crisp whites reign supreme. Sadly, they don’t know what they’re missing. There are certain types of red wines that can be successfully chilled and served for the hot months.



This French wine is a light red similar to Italian ones. It comes from Burgundy, but does not resemble the region’s Pinot types. It tastes fruity and fresh and tends to be affordable. In spite of the freshness, you still get a lot of intensity with a good quality Beaujolais. Oregon and California have their own types, since these states began cultivating the Beaujolais grape.

Pinot Noir

A constant favorite, Pinot Noir is not that easy to come by. Great bottles are rare, because the grapes that make it are hard to grow. If you’re willing to try something special and exotic, get one from New Zealand – it’s great value for money, guaranteed. Also, it has a splendid aroma of dry herbs and cherries.


Most wines labeled as Cabernet tend to be light bodies and that’s exactly what we are looking for when it’s summer. Besides fruit ripeness, you can taste floral notes in it, too.


Merlot is ripe and has a special softness about it. Its color is legendary. You may drink it by itself or with food. In any case, it will always feel light and extremely palatable. Along with Cabernet Sauvignon, it creates the well loved Bordeaux Blend. It’s a wine with low tannin levels, which is why it’s friendly to most.

You can drink red wine chilled even when it’s got a high alcohol content – as long as you respect the recommendations. Serve your summer red wine at a temperature that doesn’t go below 13 degrees Celsius. Note that chilling will enhance the tannin and the oak. Summer wines tend to be very simple and cheap; if you are looking to buy red wine gifts, you should select an exquisite brand to make a good impression.

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