How to Keep Your Catering Reasonable and High Quality

How many weddings or other events have you attended, only to find that the catering was uncreative and uninspired? In how many situations has the mediocre food not matched the elegance and lavishness of the celebration? How many times have you been to a conference or event and found that the dishes were barely passable? Frequently, companies and individuals feel that it is impossible to find high quality food for a large event at a reasonable price. However, there are some important tips for finding a great caterer that will not break the bank.


Do Not Compromise Quality

You do not have to compromise the quality of food at your event just because you are trying to provide for a large number of people. The food at your event should be delicious, creative, and affordable. Caterers that care about quality while being financially reasonable do exist. The caterers at Diamond Blue Caterers in Melbourne serve exquisite meals at a reasonable price, regardless of the size of your event.

The Timing of Your Event

Many people feel pressured to serve a full meal or swanky dinner at their event, however it is not always necessary. Planning your event or wedding prior to a main meal is a great way to save money and still serve amazing food. Due to the nature of the meals, lunch and appetisers will cost less than dinner, so you are able to serve just as much food for a lower price. You can also focus more of the money towards a unique main course or specialty items, especially if the base cost for a catering company starts at a lower price.


On average people spend 30% of their wedding budget on catering alone. When the food is not up to par, it represents a large chunk of your money that could have been utilised more wisely. If you want to serve dinner, how you handle the cocktail hour before the meal is a great way to see savings on your catering costs. You can have less food prepared simply by circulating the appetisers, instead of setting them out on trays. Often times, people will fill a small plate with these finger foods when given the opportunity, but only eat one or two if servers are walking past with a tray.

Alternative Ways to Serve the Meal

More and more people are passing up the opportunity to serve a buffet, which is perfectly fine, as it often does not fit with the tone or flow of your event. However, serving by the plate is usually more expensive, as it requires more staff to serve each plate in a timely manner. An alternative to both is to serve your food family style. This will require some additional space at each table to place large bowls and serving platters, but the savings to your wallet can be significant.

Finally, a way to ensure you receive quality at a good cost is to allow a caterer to serve a menu that is familiar and interesting to the chefs within the company. Many event planners or engaged couples want to carefully choose the menu, and there is no reason to forego your favourite dish. But taking the caterer’s advice on what is easy, delicious, and well known to their team will give you a greater chance of receiving quality food at the same price as specific requests.

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