How to Make the Most of Your Bread Machine

If you’re thinking of buying a bread machine and you’re unsure because you have never used and have no clue on how to use it, then you need to learn a few things before buying. It can be intimidating and because of all the uncertainty, you may dismiss the idea of getting one.

Buy the right bread machine

Probably the first question is how do you know the right one? Considering there are a lot of brands in the market plus a variety of models, you definitely want something simple and uncomplicated in the case of a beginner. There are several sites you can find information about them like this way you don’t get confused about which is which. If you are already familiar you can still look for new and better brands that will give you a much better option or variety from what you already have.

Follow a recipe

Most people may decide to ignore the procedure listed down in the recipe. The order of ingredients is very important and yes it matters. The pattern is supposed to produce a certain result at the end of it. If there are alternatives or exceptions, they will be listed down on the cook book or whichever platform you’re using to get the ingredients. Following the recipe will give you the expected results and not something completely different from what you had in mind which can be very frustrating and discouraging.

Check how things are going

You are likely going to be tempted to walk away and do other things until it’s over but it’s good to keep checking how things are going. This way you will know if something is wrong or missed something and fix it. It can be very frustrating putting the ingredients only in the end to realize that there’s something you missed and now you can’t even take the bread or later on. Sometimes the mixture may not mix well so you could do it yourself to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Be patient

When you’re learning something, most of the time you will probably not get it right the first time. You need to be keen and patient with yourself when you’re starting. From that you will know why or what you missed and should have done different. Some things like not knowing when the bread is done can really mess you up because you will end up with an undercooked bread or burnt bread. When you’re using a timer be sure to unplug and open the lid once it tells you it’s time.

Cleaning the machine

It is an easy task and very straight forward. The key thing to note is not to scratch the basket. You also want to ensure that you don’t lose any parts when you are cleaning especially your wand. As for your basket, you may have to soak it then wipe it out and let it air dry. After you are done, you should put everything back together immediately.


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