How to Stock Your Coffee Bar

Whether you run a coffee shop, or simply work at one, then you understand the importance of keeping your supplies stocked at all times. Because coffee is in high demand every single morning, it’s important to keep customers happy and get them what they need quickly before they get on with their busy days. The last thing customers want is to get stalled at the coffee shop because you ran out of something. Here are some ways you can stock your coffee bar and avoid falling behind during your busy hours.

Stock Your Coffee Bar

Never Run Out of Cups

This is the most important item in your coffee shop, besides the coffee itself, of course. Cups hold the coffee, and you cannot serve coffee without them. Some coffee shops use porcelain mugs and wash them at the end of the day to use them again the next day. But this cannot work for people on the go, which means you probably need to have disposable cups as well. If you’re a small coffee shop and need a solid product to stay stocked up on, try disposable coffee cups from Pattersons. For the price, they’re great and you can stock up on them every week to make sure the coffee never stops flowing.

Condiments Are Crucial

What kind of coffee condiments do you offer? Typically coffee condiments include sweeteners, sugar, raw sugar, flavoured powders like cinnamon and vanilla powder (or sometimes chocolate powder), and milk and cream. Customers often use the condiment bar once they’ve received their coffee. Because the condiments can be used heavily, it’s extremely important to make sure they’re stocked. Always do a quick inventory when you close down for the day to make sure you have enough for the following day. If you’re running low, you’ll need to order more or simply make a trip to any place that sells condiments in bulk.

Stock Your Coffee Bar1

Other Coffee Essentials

Coffee customers usually expect a certain set of essentials to go along with their cup of coffee. These items usually include napkins, stir sticks, paper sleeves, coffee cup holders, and extra lids. While it could be argued that these products are significantly less crucial than the coffee cups themselves, customers will still expect them to be there. Because coffee shop rushes can be overwhelming to the staff and baristas, napkins and stir sticks can easily run out.

To avoid this, check the location where you keep the napkins, stir sticks, paper sleeves, coffee cup holders, and extra lids at least once an hour. If anything is running low, you need to restock it. You don’t want to have a customer interrupt what you’re doing and complain about the lack of napkins. Eliminate that possibility by keeping these products stocked. You’ll also increase the flow of traffic in the coffee shop. People won’t be standing around wondering where the stir sticks are. Instead, they’ll prepare their coffee, take what they need, and move on to the next part of their day. This increases the efficiency of your coffee shop traffic and you can serve more customers.


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