Ordering Smoked Turkey for the holidays

Who doesn’t love turkey? It is a staple of an American holiday and enjoyed in a variety of ways. Some like to slice it for sandwiches and some like to deep fry it. But not many people consider smoking it. Usually smoking in used for beef or pork base meals, though that doesn’t exclude turkey from using this method. In fact, smoked turkey is highly underappreciated and recognized with in this realm. Though it doesn’t have to be this way, the fine folks at the Goode company, aim to change people’s perception of turkey through their smoking method. Offering people the ability to order a smoked turkey to their doorsteps fresh and ready, only needing a brief re-heat.


How are the turkeys prepared?

Slow smoked over a wood fire to the right tenderness and flavor, providing a quality of taste that some say is mouthwatering. Its mesquite flavor is contained within its tender meat and shipped directly to you home from the factory.

How long can it take to get my turkey?

All turkeys are shipped with an arrival date that is no longer than two days, all in order to keep it to the freshest it can be. Orders cannot be shipped from Friday to Sunday, due to compromising the quality of their product. The reason they can’t have a turkey take any longer from getting to you, is because of the fear of quality control and spoiling. All turkeys made by the Goode company are never frozen, to keep the taste. It should be mentioned that if you have plans for a smoked turkey on holidays, that you submit you order early to ensure that you get your turkey on time. Usually it is recommended to order a week or two prior in secure your turkey.

Not just certain occasions

You don’t just have to regulate eating turkey on thanksgiving. Smoked turkey can be enjoyed year road. People have even been ordering turkey for catering events. Being able to provide food for many guest with great taste. Ordering one for family gatherings or when having guest overs, can alleviate the stress of preparing meals for such large meals. The applications of smoked turkey can be used for almost any meal.

How do I heat it?

Heating instructions come with the turkey. Guiding you to cook the turkey to an internal temperature of 145 Fahrenheit and letting it sit for a few minutes.

There are many reasons to consider getting yourself on of these great smoked turkeys. They can offer you a perfect homecooked meal for family and friends. They can also make for a great focus for catering, providing a different take on catering and flavor. When it comes to the pricing of these great turkey’s is around seventy-five dollars and are available form the months of November to December. So, if you are wanting to get your hands on one of these fine birds, hurry before they run out. Though turkey can be enjoyed year round, these unfortunately cant.

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