Sous Vide – For Special As Well As Everyday Applications

Many people assumeexotic dishes use Sous vide cooking technique; it seems esoteric and a complicated cooking method. ‘Sous’ is French for ‘under vacuum’ wherein it involves a water bath, vacuum sealed bags with food placed in the bag to cook. This technique makes people think it is only possible in a professional setting or by professionals.Sous-Vide-Supreme

It is as easy as a microwave dinner; place the food in the water bath equipment and leave it to cook up to a particular temperature. Remove food from the bath when cooked and ready-to-eat.Whichever equipment you use for sous vide cooking, you will achieve the desired results as it is impossible to overcook. Should you invest in this equipment? Can you cook something every day in it?

Everyday application of Sous Vide equipment

If you are looking to cook regularly, then here is an equipment that allows you to prepare complicated or easy cuisines. For breakfast, you can prepare poached eggs, cook steak to an exact medium-rare, moist pork tenderloin, or ferment yoghurt. You can prepare candy, cheese, pastry, and al dente vegetables.


Burgers, sausages, smoked brisket, glazed carrots are few other foods that can be cooked, and however, the list seems endless using this technique.

The Sous vide technique, may seem like boiling food items underwater, however, this technique cooksvacuum sealed food gently, below boiling point, to ideal temperature.

Other applications of sous vide equipment is to sterilize and warm your baby’s bottles. It helps keep food warm before serving.

Special applications of Sous vide equipment

 Cook tough cuts like short ribs to perfection as this is not possible using any other method. The extended period of cooking allows the breakdown of connective tissue and tenderizing of meat at a temperature between 250°F – 300°F.

After protein foods aresous vide cooked, sear them or pre-sear them for a perfect brown color,using the Maillard reaction, similar to caramelization. You can use one of the many ways to sear – pan seared, torch sear or deep frying as it is quick and easy to get a golden crust without over cooking or burning.

What is crucial – temperature or cooking time?

 In Sous vide cooking, the technique is about timing the food to cook perfectly well at a certain temperature. For instance, use uncooked egg,in Mayonnaise like sauces, however, keeping them in the sous vide equipment at 130°F (54.4°C) can sterilize it, making it safer to consume. It cooks and takes perfect non-rubbery hard boiled shape at 165°F(73.9°C) for salads. The yolk is moist, not powdery and crumbles easily, while the white is opaque, firm and tender.


At 145°F(62.8°C) for 45 minutes, the yolk and whites are liquid and barely set when cooked sous vide where in 2 hours the yolk cooks, while the whites are still the same.


Cook food slowly and gently using the sous vide cooking technique. It takes longer for changes to take place physically. This technique is fantastic, as the temperature at which, the food cooksare controllable,achievea perfect texture- without overcooking or undercooking, in the sous vide equipment.

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