Want Something Other Than Cake for your party?


If you are having a party—maybe it’s an office birthday or a family reunion—but you want to celebrate with something other than cakes, perhaps you could consider one of these great alternative confections.

The Classic French Macaron

The macaron is a classic single bite (or two) of a meringue sandwich, often topped or seasoned with in almonds or coconuts, and sometimes even potato!  A basic dessertlady.ca macaron recipe consists of sugar, egg whites, and often other spices.  Sometimes they might also have cherries or coconut, glaze, or another coating too.

Chocolate Truffle

This classic bon-bon everyone knows and loves is a timeless treat that will definitely make a mark on your party.  The chocolate truffle is named as such because of its rounded shape that resembles the edible part of the tuber fungus known as a “truffle”. It has a chocolate ganache center and is generally rolled in cocoa powder.  Of course, there are many other recipes which use a variety of flavors or other textures like chopped hazelnuts or almonds or even shaved coconut.

Pies and Tarts

Everybody loves pie, right?  The combination of baked pastry crust and oozing fruit and fruit compote are truly a delectable combination.  If you want change things up a little at your next gathering, maybe consider a selection of pies instead of cake.

What might serve you even better, though, is a selection of tarts. Tarts are, basically, miniature pies, so having a variety of fruit tarts will let your guests choose which bites they like the most.

Biscotti and Other Cookies

Biscotti are just the Italian word for biscuit—but it sounds so much better.  Still, these dry, often semi-hard, almond-infused, twice-baked Italian confections are best when served as a sweet bite along with Vin Santo or, more commonly, with coffee (espresso). It can sometimes be served as part of a dessert course too.

Shortbread is, basically, the American version of the Italian biscotti. This is a dry cookie that consists of three parts flour to two parts butter to one part white sugar.  You can use different types of flour and sugar to alter the flavor or consistency but the end result should be more of a dry, brittle, flaky, and sweet biscuit (as opposed to a traditional cookie).

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